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Mughal e azam
by Namrata Sawant on Mar 27 2017 12:18AM  (IST)

The show was spectcular..outsyanding and was treat for eyes and anarkali was played by neha sargam..we were expecting priyanka barve actually..neha did very well
Must must watch
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Mughal-e-Azam play.
by Sudhir Jain on Jan 12 2017 1:43PM  (IST)

Some aspects of the play are par-excellence. Recreation of the film’s visual backdrop and forestage are splendidly done, be it songs, court, jail or battlefield. The way the environ of the scenes are created using projections and props is something to be seen to be believed. Stage-craft and sound & lights management are absolutely superb, as is choreography, costumes and stage decor. Storyline and dialogues are straight from the original, so no scope for improvisation. Short introductions to the scenes from the side are gracefully done without getting intrusive.

On the flip side, a USP of the play is that the actors sing live on stage. This is a bad idea, unless it is a fresh new composition. Attempt to ditto copy on stage an old number meticulously recorded in studio can only produce a poorer copy, which it did. The actors no doubt were excellent at singing too, but you can’t deliver this excellence while prancing around on stage. Often one could hear them off-note, off-beat, and even gasping. There was no value-addition from the idea, unlike in Natya sangeet where we have seen some really beautiful singing, but there is no high drama to enact there.

Secondly, though the diction of the main male actors was excellent, their voice fell quite short of depth and majesty of the role, especially as the viewers’ mind would constantly wander back to the original.

Also, the speech in the beginning by Lata Mangeshkar was irrelevant and avoidable. Tagging her name does not add to the lure of the show.

On the whole it is an experience worth having, though the ticket pricing is unreasonably high. At a distance of 1000 rupees you just don’t get the punch and immersive feeling.

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kids entertainment
by Prerna on Dec 23 2016 9:20AM  (IST)

will the kids enjoy the play...aged 8 n 13
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Underplaying or Naturalism?
by Jiten Merchant on Dec 16 2016 1:19AM  (IST)

Being a drama-critic myself, I agree with Ms Punjani's observation that 'the director has with purpose kept away from grand gesture and declamation (thankfully)' but not with her judging the performances as 'one-dimensional and monochromatic' or 'charmless'. Underplaying is NOT the same as Naturalism, which is the acting style followed here and is a NECESSARY counterpoint to the larger-than-life production, in order to maintain dramatic truth.
However, I will say that the actor playing Akbar lacked the physical and vocal presence required for the character. And point-out one huge mistake in the staging, in which the royal family was placed on the same physical level as the dancers performing for them. Surely the royal thrones could have been raised on small platforms and easily wheeled in/out of the wings?
In sum, this is a FABULOUS production, truly on par with anything on Broadway or the West End. It is thrilling, visually stunning; and also, thanks to the quietly emotive acting, deeply moving.
I was invited for the premiere. I have bought tickets to see it a second time.
Need I say more?
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by MEHERNOSH BHARUCHA on Dec 16 2016 2:53AM  (IST)

Yes indeed it was the naturalistic acting style employed in the epic opus M-e-A. Priyanka Barve made for a graceful and tender Anarkali.I believe Ashima Mahajan to be the show stealer as Bahaar with the hauteur she brought to the role as Anarkali's rival.

For the beauty of the Urdu language, for the crystal clear sound, for the evocative and grand set design, and, for the showstopper qawalli "Hum bhi dekhenge", hum bhi M-e-A dobaara dekhenge.

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Mughal e Azam
by moti irani on Nov 9 2016 7:03PM  (IST)

Enjoyed the grandeur of yesteryear.Lavish sets.A bold venture by Feroz A Khan.after a long time we experienced an indian classic on stage.
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Scheduled dates of musical drama in Mumbaì
by hema on Nov 6 2016 5:59PM  (IST)

Pl.convey the schduled dates in Mumbai
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Mughal e Azam
by Manju Sampat on Oct 29 2016 12:26AM  (IST)

saw it last night and loved this lavish production. Deepa Punjwani is right when she says some of the actors were dwarfed by the spectacular visual presentation of the show. This play is more a spectacle than anything else. But Paisa Vasool for sure!
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