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Interested in joining theatre
by Radhika Munshi on Feb 20 2017 5:25PM  (IST)

Dear sir/ mam
I am a 22 year old girl very intereseted in pursuing drama. I have performed various street and stage plays in college in English and Hindi before an audience of 600+. I want to take my passion further and join this theatre group. Please guide me through it.

You can also see one of my plays here at . I am the girl on the right who played Shephali, the girl who struggles with her test.

I have performed plays in English and Hindli both but I am very intersted to do more of hindi theatre as emotions are exemplified in that. I really hope your theatre gives a chance to budding talent like mine, and I can very well use your expertise and guidance.

I hope you like my acting and your critique is highly welcome. Please do reply back. Awaiting your response.

Thank you
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If need of any volunteer
by Anuj kumar on Feb 18 2017 10:32PM  (IST)

If u need any volunteer please contact me. I'm a hard working man. I just want to be in a creative atmosphere. Please reply soon. Thank u
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Request for theatre admission
by adil shah on Jan 11 2017 12:46PM  (IST)

hi everyone this is adil shah i am an actor and model as well. i have done several short films in dubai and theatre plays as well. i am willing to join any theatre group as an artist.looking forward hearing more from you..

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I'm an actor, want to join theatre
by Aman Bhutada on Nov 14 2016 8:38PM  (IST)

I am a 22 year old boy looking for a theatre group to join. Acting is all I know and it is all I want to do. I just need a chance. I am living in Mumbai (Andheri East) and I'm willing to come for auditions anywhere in Mumbai.

Thanks for considering.
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by rahul singh on Nov 5 2016 11:30PM  (IST)

hello sir!
if u will give me a chance then i will prove myself. u can take my interview online also.
i look handsome. i performed many plays in my & other colleges and got prize. i want a platform where i can startup.
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want to join theater
by Megha on Oct 23 2016 1:52AM  (IST)

Hello,I am Megha. I want to join theater as volunteer as well to learn acting.looking forward to your response.
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by Vaibhav on Oct 17 2016 5:46PM  (IST)

Kindly send me your contact details on
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Want to join theater
by Sunny Singh on Oct 1 2016 4:05AM  (IST)

Hi, I want to join a theater group. I would be thankful If you can help me. My cont numbr is 9953885991
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looking for an opportunity to learn
by Madhur Khandelwal on Aug 13 2016 5:42PM  (IST)

Dear sir or mam,

I have a handsome amount of experience in theatre and acting. I am from jaipur but now living in mumbai alone. I am also a musician with a knowledge of national and international music. I would love to be a part in any form, internship or volunteer, anything. Looking forward to your response. my contact t details are 9899704292
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looking forward to join theater
by paras on Jul 25 2016 6:05PM  (IST)

looking forward to join theater
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