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by Himanshu Mehta on Aug 8 2016 10:55AM  (IST)

I guess plot is secondary as against the way it was treated. Just superbly performed by Bhamini Gandhi and rest. A woman making yiu laugh so much was a total surprise. I'm not being sexist here.Climax becomes predictable at the fag end. So that part is ok. But still, the way it's written and performed is simply outstanding. A must watch for all gujarati colloquial language lovers.
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waiting room
by narendra on Jul 12 2016 8:30PM  (IST)

Must see very entertaining drama. U will definitely like it. Hasi ne thaki jaso!

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by Vinod parekh on Jul 3 2016 4:42PM  (IST)

Drams is OK...
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The Waiting Room
by Urmil Pancholi on Jun 19 2016 11:53AM  (IST)

A unique play which I never seen.Extra ordinary theme. Superb ending climate. Real story. Extra ordinary acting by all.
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review of drama
by sanjay on Jun 13 2016 11:22AM  (IST)

Play is superb totally entertainment the house was full n each n every audience enjoyed the Drama
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Review on Gujarati Drama - The Waiting Rooms.
by Manish B. Mehta on Mar 30 2016 11:24AM  (IST)

Hi, I am Manish B. Mehta from Rajkot. This is an unique woman centric drama which is quite gripping and hilarious to the core. Bhavini Gandhi is excellent in the lead role. This drama depicts social and domicile status of women in our society. KUDOS to the entire team.
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Waiting room drama
by Mukesh Shah on Mar 12 2016 10:34AM  (IST)

'The Waiting Room' is one of the best drama play i ever watched. Great Work and Excellent Dialog delivery . Reva Ben was fantastic.keep it up
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by bipinbhai pipaliya on Mar 11 2016 10:13PM  (IST)

The waiting rooms is one of the most
Fantastic drama
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Super Duper
by Maya on Mar 4 2016 12:27PM  (IST)

absolutely perfect script-play-dialogue. 4 women taking about there life stories.whole viewers in the Auditorium feel some part of play with there actual life. No one goes out till the play is finished. There is lots of comedy-tragedy and emotions.
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want to inviteyour drama in probandar gujarat
by trupti joshi on Mar 2 2016 12:16PM  (IST)

My contect no. 7359155560 hopfully wait for your reply
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