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Be a part of the ensemble
by Shikta Chaturvedi on Jan 13 2017 7:46PM  (IST)


I am a theatre and cinema enthusiast. And want to be a pet of this creative team. Please msg me details so that we can get in touch.

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by Vaibhav on Oct 17 2016 5:48PM  (IST)

Kindly send me your contact details on
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original scripts
by vithal rajan on Oct 15 2016 11:31AM  (IST)

I am an Indian playwright. I have many original scripts in English, both full length plays and shorts and skits. Please do contact me if you wish to see any of my scripts.
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Getting involved in Mumbai community theater
by Olivia on Oct 1 2016 9:09PM  (IST)

Hello! I am an American citizen who has recently resettled in Mumbai. I have many years of acting experience on both stage and screen - my preferences are musical theater and Shakespeare - and I have studied music and acting at Princeton and Oxford Universities. I am very keen to get involved in the community theater scene in Mumbai, and would greatly appreciate hearing from you at your convenience.

Warm regards,
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joining theatre group
by Piyush Khanna on Sep 9 2016 3:24PM  (IST)

Hello.good evening .sasreakal. Theatre have been an art, for a very very long time.and, I being an artist , want to take an advantage of this, please please , respond me , as I want to work In a play/theatre.

NOTE:I have done many plays , many nukkad acts
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Re: Ramayan Script
by Amar Desai on Aug 26 2016 2:20PM  (IST)

Hi all. My name is Amar and I run a theatre company in Nairobi-Kenya. I am looking for a stage script of the Ramayana. Any leads will be much appreciated.
You can contact me by email or phone: +254721762080.
Many thanks
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looking forward to join theater
by paras on Jul 25 2016 6:03PM  (IST)

looking forward to join theater
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by Devansh kakkad on Jul 23 2016 12:20AM  (IST)

I want to join your Group because I want to learn about my passion "Acting"
and definitely Stage is the best medium for learning Real Acting.
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Want to join your group
by Vinod Somal on May 17 2016 9:38PM  (IST)

I want to join your group. I have experience in acting

Pleas advise
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Interested in joining your theatre group
by Manish Ruparel  on Mar 21 2016 2:28AM  (IST)

I have experience in acting and I wish to join your theatre group to fulfil my dream of becoming a stage actor.
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born to b a star
by Ramesh on May 9 2016 11:17AM  (IST)

Interested in theatres experience about a year plss guide me for a bright future

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