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acting regarding talking
by Ankur Gupta on Apr 13 2016 6:04PM  (IST)

please call me.
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interested in natak
by sonali on Mar 23 2016 2:16PM  (IST)

interested in work with you.. please send me number
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as u asked for our number in theatre guide
by amano on Sep 26 2016 3:37PM  (IST)

hello dear
i m amano from anvarat theatre group
my number is 9930743692

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work with you
by sonali on Mar 18 2016 1:56PM  (IST)

i am artis and wanted to work with you.
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Screening a Play
by Rahul on Mar 15 2016 9:16AM  (IST)

Sir, I m from Indian Navy. I would like to screen a play at my organisation. Revert back to me at the earliest possible opportunity.
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apply for join any theatre group
by aniket lad on Feb 15 2016 1:40PM  (IST)

i am writer and i want to contribute somthing in theatre and i write somd greag stories for any genre and i am jobless so if you have somthing for me plz contact i am wating for your reply i do any work for any less salary.
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joining group
by sonali on Mar 23 2016 2:19PM  (IST)

wanted to the joining group

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by santosh yadav on Dec 6 2015 7:13PM  (IST)

I want joining ur group sir
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Director and backstage
by Swadhin T on Nov 21 2015 1:19PM  (IST)

I am an experienced and highly qualified director. I have directed many plays. If anyone needs a director or back stage artist you may please contact me. I am located in Mumbai. You can also contact me on 9619782929
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Theatre Events
by Dhanashree  on Nov 19 2015 4:30PM  (IST)

We have a space which we rent out to theatre professionals for rehearsals as well as performances @ Lower Parel.
We wait to hear from you . 9820427018
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by Dillip Ray on Nov 13 2015 7:55PM  (IST)

Hi..I am from odisha, I am a tv artist,want to join your group.
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Interested in doing theater
by NEETA on Oct 27 2015 5:11PM  (IST)

I am very much interested in doing theater, i have done it earlier but since couple of years not done anything ,want to join your group and restart, please respond. thank you
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by Manas kumar Balida on Oct 31 2015 1:54PM  (IST)

I am Manas Kumar balida.i interested for joining acting theater.

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