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by Nakul Sahani on Nov 18 2017 1:20AM  (IST)

I must respond to this review because I thought Mathemagician the only play which deeply affected me and stayed with me out of the otherwise flippant festival. I am a Mumbaikar and regularly follow MTG but I’ve never been so disappointed as the review trivialises everything the play was trying to say and I find it extremely hateful, biased and forcible. It reeks with great high handed-ness and a ‘I know all and I have seen everything attitude’. Criticism In fact is good for any art but it has to measure. You not liking it and pointing it out strongly is understood but why do I sense the questioning of integrity of the performers that ‘all they want is to shock’ and the pomp of the director etc? She sees the white floor she knows bloods coming, she sees the meat she knows what it symbolizes, she sees the lights highlighting she feels it’s a cliche. Oops! I really think she should sit in the cafe sipping Süleymani and let people inside experiment, fail, construct, fall. She seems to be one of those critics who have spawned uncontrollably with the advent of fb and Twitter. I really hope the Mathemagicians aren’t affected by this facile review and keep continuing their work, I wish I could see all your plays guys. I’m pretty sure these flippant comments won’t affect you because I see strength and conviction in your piece. I hope the critic finds peace and understanding in life for she forgets that her responsibility as a critic and audience is as important as those who practice art. NP
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I disagree
by Jitendra joshi on Nov 17 2017 7:29PM  (IST)

I think ranghar has totally misinterpreted the script, actor n director here. I think this is one of the masterpiece I saw at prithvi n those images which ranghar founds cliche r still with me n ipshita s acting was not at all over rehersed it was a blend of craft n improvisation which any actor dies for. Manghar needs really respect freedom which these aasakta n team has shown by this extraordinary solo performance. This is a shallow criticism which is boiling my blood right now. I would like to watch manghar's direction or would like to hear this script if she narrates it to us without any "shock value" over a cup of sulemani .

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Why so serious?
by Sagar Deshmukh on Nov 18 2017 8:35AM  (IST)

What a third class review. She is cynical about everything in life..

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