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My feedback for 103
by Jayashree on Jun 11 2017 8:54PM  (IST)

I just watched today's show at Damodar Natyagruha.. Fabulous performance by all the actors.. Must appreciate Swanandi's brilliant memorization and effortless, smooth performance by Sumit Raghavan. Though I m not supposed reveal the twist, I cant control myself and wish to share the best thing I liked in this play..and that that is the unique idea of tatto making.. It is supercool.. Loved the play.. Thank you all for a very good show!!
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by Advait on Jan 30 2017 4:44PM  (IST)

The play is a copy of the movie 'The Girl with Dragon Tattoo'
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Adaptation of Stieg Larsson's novel
by Saurabh Vaity on Jun 20 2017 3:23PM  (IST)

Advait, you are absolutely right! I've read the novel and seen both the Swedish and English movies. Based on the plot of this play, I can say that it is adaptation of Stieg Larsson's book. I wouldn't be surprised if the producers would get into to copyright issues.
I am quite upset with this as the original screenplay has not been acknowledged by the production.

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