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by Riddhi on Feb 4 2018 4:58PM  (IST)

Just saw the play yesterday at gandhidham. It was soo amazing, no words to describe such awesome work.. Hats off to the team for bringing such brilliant play.
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My opinion
by Rashmikant shah on Jul 24 2017 3:12PM  (IST)

Excellent drama.everything was very well dramatise.
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Review for dama
by Rupen Saraiya on Jun 28 2017 1:06AM  (IST)

Excellent drama. Acting, set,light,artists all are very good.
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code mantra
by parikh shashin on May 9 2017 12:43PM  (IST)

I watched it before 8to9 months.
Though it's a a drama with suspense. But still due to effective script,direction, performance by all actors and actresses,lovely sets would like to watch again and again.
What an impact.I recommend all the drama lovers "you must watch this". If you don't then I must say that you will miss something which is worth watching.
My heartiest congratulations to all the members of deama,those who have worked on stage and also back stage.

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by deepak  on Mar 3 2017 11:44PM  (IST)

I want to show my talent by doing this..!!
And it is my dream to work in Gujarati film
So can I get any chance to prove my self?? ?
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Play code mantra
by Kishori sheth on Feb 13 2017 1:02AM  (IST)

I saw the play in Gujarati in Bangalore... excellent play.. 1 flaw was the music was too loud... and often the dialogues were not audible .. hence missed lot of dialogues
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Drama copied from A Few Good Men movie!
by nk on Jan 11 2017 2:11PM  (IST)

Its a pity that so called good drama- Code Mantra is copied from A few good men 1992 year Hollywood movie!! when r we going to have some originality!!!
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by Mayank Prajapati on Oct 21 2016 10:21PM  (IST)

Sir muje comedy achhi kar sakata hu sir plz me munge bahere ya andhe ka koibhi rol kardunga sir plz give me one chanse sir plz. Help me
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by H V SAMANI on Sep 16 2016 5:03PM  (IST)

Fabulous drama. Hats off to Bharat Thakkar and Sneha Desai for showing courage for such offbeat subject. My good wishes and blessings for Success in future projects.
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by Anand Desai on Aug 15 2016 10:20PM  (IST)

Couldn't help but write this after heard and read so much about this play. This play is a remake of the terrific Hollywood movie 'A few good men'. Just wish there was some originality fused into it! Even the dialogues are copied and translated.
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Re: copycat
by Restless D on Oct 2 2016 4:27PM  (IST)

I write this on my way home 15 minutes after the play started. This is "Few Good Men" translated into Gujarati. Wish I had read the reviews first. No originality. Sigh.

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