10 days Introductory Acting Workshop (Weekdays)

From : 15/01/2018 To : 26/01/2018
Start time : 2:00 PM End time : 4:00 PM

Theatre Group : Karma Kala Manch
Faculty : Azaad Bharti, Kunal Mehta, Kcarren, Akash Lapasiya
Venue : Bungalow no. 38/38, Near jhanki devi school
SVP nagar, 4 bungalows Mhada, Andheri W
Mumbai - 400053, Maharashtra, India

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In any given profession, the one who is better equipped with the required knowledge and enough skills will always have an edge over the others.. And acting, as a profession, is one of the most sought after and hence one of the most competitive professions in India. Therefore, it is important for each individual who takes up the profession to be trained with the basics of acting so that he doesn't fall short in this huge crowd.
This workshop, which is conducted by veterans and experts from strong theatre background, is intended to help students in understanding and executing the fundamentals of the artform and provide them with the tools that they can practice anywhere.. Constant practice of the skills learnt will help them grow and florish as an actor overtime.
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Important Note : Mumbai Theatre Guide takes no responsibility for outcome of theatre workshops. Interested participants may attend them at their own discretion.

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