3 months acting workshop by NSD FACULTY

From : 14/06/2018 To : 15/09/2018
Start time : 7:00 PM End time : 10:00 PM

Faculty : Tauqueer alam khan(NSD FACULTY)
Venue : Sawan dance studio,opp gujrati bhawan,near lotus petrol pump,andheri west
Adarsh nagar Andheri west
Mumbai - 400061, Maharashtra, India

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 There are 9 rasa (the nine emotions) known as 'Navras' in the Indian culture.
Those are as follows:
Shringara (Love)
Hasya (joy)
Raudra (Anger)
Veera (Courage)
Karuna (sadness)
Bhayanaka (fear)
Vibhatsa (disgust)
Adbhuta (Wonder)
Shaanta (Peace)
We focus on the craft and self-evolution of an individual.

-We conduct evening classes thrice a week.
- Our sessions are more focused on practical work than the theoretical.

- Limited number of students per batch confirms personal attention to each. 

- Our faculty has years of experience in theatre & as an acting faculty. 
Also, he is a theatre writer, director & actor. He will help a student to identify his acting potential & how to groom it. 

-He teaches the students to act naturally & how to live a character under unreal situations. As per him, theatre is an excellent starting medium for learning acting.

-And then, an individual can be taught camera acting for the mediums of Television & Film.

Theatre Workshop Fees : 3850 per month

Important Note : Mumbai Theatre Guide takes no responsibility for outcome of theatre workshops. Interested participants may attend them at their own discretion.

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