Tragic Death of Mahavir Shah in Chicago Accident.

Actor and theatre personality Mahavir Shah (48) was killed in a road accident in Chicago on Thursday, 31st August, 2000. Mahavir Shah was accompanied by colleague Sarita Joshi who suffered a minor injury.

The accident happened as Mahavir Shah, Sarita Joshi and other artistes in the troupe on a tour of the US to perform the Gujarati play 'Saathi', were headed for Chicago from Detroit. A vehicle rammed into their van from the rear and Shah stepped out of the vehicle to examine the damage when he was hit by a trailer truck. He died on the spot.

Mahavir Shah had acted in about 50 Hindi films and appeared in several TV serials. He also acted in Gujarati films and plays. He is survived by wife chetna, a daughter and a son.

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