Ovee - A Haunted Hostel

Ovee - A Haunted Hostel

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It’s a play originally written by Sachin Mestry-Aniket Patil, adapted by Imtiyaj Patel & Directed by Aniket Patil.

Ovee is the first live horror play in which a human being suddenly gets disappear and all things levitate in the air. This horror-thriller play brings a new dimension to the theatre industry.

This is the story of a teenage girl who lost her parents at an early stage and is sent to an orphanage by her parental uncle. There she is occupied e room where a girl was murdered. During her stay, she starts experiencing paranormal activities. This story is her struggle to survive and overcome her fear. Along with Ovee, this story also revolves around the Manageress of that orphanage, Sadhana. How she dealt with the situation when she got to know about all these paranormal activities happening in the orphanage, with the help of her college friend and now a psychiatrist, Nikhil.

Sayantani Ghosh is playing Sadhana and Rohit Roy is Playing various characters like Balraam Sinha, Inspector and Dr. Nikhil.

The play advocates that ‘we are not alone at all; there is always a fear with us all the time and what we desire always lies behind the wall of our fear.

The casts are,

Rohit Roy – Sayantani Ghosh- Ridhima Bedi

Mruga Bodas – Mayuri Mohite- Amit Bandre

And girls…
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