Ramayana, Connecting the Dots

Ramayana, Connecting the Dots

Artkhoj in collaboration with Lavanya brings you an unexplored journey of the epic which must have been heard many times but not understood fully, The Ramayana

Ramayana one of the greatest Epics that India is proud of tells us the way of life.

While Ramayana has been explored in all its glory by many Lavanya Prasad tries to bring to you the awe that she felt when she happened to connect the dots in the epic through the stories in Ramayana some known and some rarely known that helped her see the bigger picture.

To her it is a never-ending journey and every time she revisits the stories a new layer unfolds. She hopes to give you a similar experience through this series.

Takeaway from the session:

The sessions are aimed at creating a spark in the minds of the listeners that will help them go and find more about what is being shared. This we believe will want you to go and find more about Ramayana and its characters.

Any prerequisite:

Come with an open mind and enjoy the stories.

About the Event:

This performance will be conducted online through Zoom.
Upon successful registration we will be sharing a link and instruction to join the online event on the day of the event.
Storytelling will be done in English.
The performance is for 15 years and above.

About the Artist:

Lavanya Prasad is an electrical engineer turned professional storyteller who makes lasting beautiful connections through stories rather than electrical wires. She is the founder and master storyteller at Tale'scope her storytelling organization that trains children and adults in the art of using stories in their work gives workshops and talks on various subjects to corporate and other organizations and performs in storytelling festivals across India and abroad.

About the Organizer:

Artkhoj is an aggregator of artists hosts vendors and art institutes across the country. Artkhoj provides opportunities to artists from all the genres thus helping them pursue their passion.

Artkhoj also helps hosts (corporate colleges apartments etc) find the right talent/artists for their requirements thus making the event experience smooth and fun.

Feel free to reach out to us if you also want to book an artist or conduct a workshop.
* Mumbai Theatre Guide takes no responsibility for change in schedule.

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