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by Naveen Gupta on Aug 30 2022 7:57PM  (IST)

Good evening sir/mam
This is Naveen Gupta. Actually I have to ensue theatre classes, therefore kindly guide me regarding fees structure and features of your course.

Thank you
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Interested in active participation in plays
by Jayanta on Oct 10 2019 7:58AM  (IST)

Hi, I'd be interested in activly participating in your plays. fluent in english and Bengali. Hindi is okay
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How to join your group and what is your joining fees?
by Vivek Singh on Mar 20 2019 4:32PM  (IST)

I want to join your group.What is the fee structure ?
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by Ashwin Agrawal on Oct 19 2019 2:54PM  (IST)

Hi , You can join our workshop of 4 weeks fees for same is 25000/- or 2 weeks fees is 15000

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Regarding Producer
by Dashankit Londhe  on Dec 3 2018 4:17PM  (IST)

Respected Sir/Madam,
Natak Mandli is setting up an Experimental Play "Whoom to ask for Solution?". So we are in search of a Producer/Financer who can contribute some amount for our play. Interested Producer/Financer kindly message on given contact.
Will send you Play Proposal and Budget Proposal.

Phone Number :- +918097948424
Dashankit Londhe

Thank you.
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Joinging fees
by Suman saha on Nov 22 2018 2:42PM  (IST)

What is joining fees
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regarding fees
by Ashwin Agrawal on Dec 28 2018 7:22PM  (IST)

Hi Suman this is ashwin sir founder of Indriyaan Group , please call on 7620839775 for fees structure

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