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by Bhavani Rajatam Hamann on Dec 24 2017 5:56AM  (IST)

Dear Satish,
I first had tears in my eyes when you first mentioned Anita at the outset. I can almost picture her twinkling eyes joyously telling me about this prestigious award thst recoganizes her wonderful husband’s persistence, talent, warmth and passion!
Then, I was amazed at your acceptance speech’s depth! It showed your work was not just to entertain which it undoubtedly did, but also served to change attitudes and behaviour! You have used the medium of theatre to bring about social change.
Today, your message embedded in the simple yet profound story (your father ‘s) is very much relevant not only in India but specifically in the US. I need not say more as you have eloquently given us food for thought.
I am moved too by your modesty which has not changed with all your achievements. You brush off the accolades with your quintessential humour!
Lastly, I could not stop crying when I read Mikin had suggested that you donate your prize to help women battling cancer!
Thank you so much for being an awesome role model to so many of us. Thanks too for the beautiful message and I cannot wait to see your plays!!
Your fan, friend admirer of all your works,
My only regret is that Anita is not with us, even though she is all present and all knowing!!!
Bhavani Rajaram Hamann
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