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Regarding Producer
by Dashankit Londhe  on Dec 3 2018 4:16PM  (IST)

Respected Sir/Madam,
Natak Mandli is setting up an Experimental Play "Whoom to ask for Solution?". So we are in search of a Producer/Financer who can contribute some amount for our play. Interested Producer/Financer kindly message on given contact.
Will send you Play Proposal and Budget Proposal.

Phone Number :- +918097948424
Dashankit Londhe

Thank you.
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Request to join your community
by Pushkar Vartak on Jul 5 2018 8:42PM  (IST)

Dear Sir,

I am theater actor interested in being a part of your community. Please share your website and contact details.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,
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To Join Rangbaaz
by Prakhar Pagare on Jun 15 2018 3:55PM  (IST)

Hello! I am looking for a weekend theatre group, where I can hone ,my acting skills. It would be a privilege if I get a chance to join your group.
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To know the details to join your theatre group.
by Kaavya Varindani on Jun 12 2018 10:35PM  (IST)

I want to try theatre and have done some street plays in college. I would love to be a part of your theatre group. Please do let me know the details on the same.
Contact Number - 8108475799
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joining the Theater group.
by Vishnupriya on Mar 25 2018 7:26PM  (IST)

Hai.. this is Vishnupriya am very much intresed in joining this theatre group. please let me give an audition n make my path towards acting and performance.Hoping il'l get a chance. :)
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Acting Audition
by rohan irani on Feb 27 2018 10:52AM  (IST)

Hi sir/maam,

I am 22 years old and looking for theatre auditions across Mumbai. I would love to be a part of your esteemed organisation and happily audition for any role. I don't mind pursuing any back end job as well. Prior to this i have 2 years of street play acting experience.

Best regards,
Rohan Irani.
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Interested To Join Theatre
by Isha Sharma on Feb 19 2018 10:23PM  (IST)

I would really appreciate your support in providing relevant details which can help me join Rangbaaz
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Join the workshop
by Sheeba Siddiqui on May 9 2019 5:10PM  (IST)

w are conducting a workshop from May15-29, 2019. Join and let us see if you can be part of our group.
- Rangbaaz

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Shaamil Kijiye
by Nitesh on Jan 31 2018 12:28PM  (IST)

This is Nitesh acting for me is no different than living, and doing it on stage makes it more lively.
Would love to join your group.
Looking forward for a positive reply.!
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by Surender Prasad Gaud on Dec 25 2017 10:41AM  (IST)

I m intrested in drama & play would u like to give me a chance
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want to join ur group
by Ashish on Sep 22 2017 2:31PM  (IST)

Hi, I'm interested in acting, I reallylove to do acting. Plz give me one chance. I will give my best to u.
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