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action course inquiry
by Nikhil Bhagwandas Thakkar on Apr 8 2022 10:00AM  (IST)

This is Nikhil Thakkar , I am working professionals and get time only on sunday's , do you have any such kind of course only for sunday's?
Please let me know
Nikhil Thakkar
8779067602 / 9372994253
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Want to learn acting
by Shivam Singh rajput on Aug 17 2021 11:54AM  (IST)

I want to join theater
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by Janmejai tomar on Jan 24 2021 1:07PM  (IST)

i want to learn acting please guide me
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by Aryan Patel  on Jan 10 2021 12:57PM  (IST)

Hello sir this is Aryan Patel belong to MP
Currently l live at nallasupra
My age is 24 year
I have 2 Year experience about acting
I want to join theater class
So please could you give me some details
Like - fees, batchs time
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Regarding Producer
by Dashankit Londhe  on Dec 3 2018 4:16PM  (IST)

Respected Sir/Madam,
Natak Mandli is setting up an Experimental Play "Whoom to ask for Solution?". So we are in search of a Producer/Financer who can contribute some amount for our play. Interested Producer/Financer kindly message on given contact.
Will send you Play Proposal and Budget Proposal.

Phone Number :- +918097948424
Dashankit Londhe

Thank you.
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Request to join your community
by Pushkar Vartak on Jul 5 2018 8:42PM  (IST)

Dear Sir,

I am theater actor interested in being a part of your community. Please share your website and contact details.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,
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To Join Rangbaaz
by Prakhar Pagare on Jun 15 2018 3:55PM  (IST)

Hello! I am looking for a weekend theatre group, where I can hone ,my acting skills. It would be a privilege if I get a chance to join your group.
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To know the details to join your theatre group.
by Kaavya Varindani on Jun 12 2018 10:35PM  (IST)

I want to try theatre and have done some street plays in college. I would love to be a part of your theatre group. Please do let me know the details on the same.
Contact Number - 8108475799
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joining the Theater group.
by Vishnupriya on Mar 25 2018 7:26PM  (IST)

Hai.. this is Vishnupriya am very much intresed in joining this theatre group. please let me give an audition n make my path towards acting and performance.Hoping il'l get a chance. :)
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Acting Audition
by rohan irani on Feb 27 2018 10:52AM  (IST)

Hi sir/maam,

I am 22 years old and looking for theatre auditions across Mumbai. I would love to be a part of your esteemed organisation and happily audition for any role. I don't mind pursuing any back end job as well. Prior to this i have 2 years of street play acting experience.

Best regards,
Rohan Irani.
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