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Saali Aadhi Gharwali
by Rudolph on Feb 16 2021 10:12AM  (IST)

was a slapstick sex based commedy on the subject of infedility with a "Gay Character" adding colour to the sex confusion. One non humorous fact i have observed both in Hindi cinema and in Hindi as well as regional play's is the depiction of 'Gay Characters" as out and out misfits of society bordering on the ridiculous.I wonder what opinion Ashok.Row.Kavi and Karan.Johar have when they watch Hindi cinema or play's and i have yet to see a Hindi film star of Amitabh.Bachchan or Shah Rukh.Khan's stature portray a "Gay Hero" or "Gay Villain" as seriously as they would act normal heterosexual male characters.
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