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weekend course
by nikhil thakkar on Jan 20 2023 6:16PM  (IST)

I am Nikhil Thakkar From mulund mumbai maharashtra. I want to know if you have weekend courses on saturday and sundays?

Please let me know

Nikhil Thakkar
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I wanna join your theater group
by Shreeram Polekar on Sep 11 2018 5:03PM  (IST)

I wanna join your theater group
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Join group
by Aliva Sahu on Jul 31 2018 1:31AM  (IST)

Hello Sir/Ma'am I m Aliva, m 17 years old and really eager to join theater to improving my acting skills.
Mostly I have done some plays in school and college skits.
Plzz help me out how to join theater. Acting is my passion. It's in my blood I wnt to improve it more plz help me. M a beginner I love to ur karma kala manch to get experience on onstage drama. M ready to work both onstage m backstage. Plz give a chance. I would love to work wid ur team. Thank you❤
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To know the details to join your theatre group.
by Kaavya Varindani on Jun 12 2018 10:36PM  (IST)

I want to try theatre and have done some street plays in college. I would love to be a part of your theatre group. Please do let me know the details on the same.
Contact Number - 8108475799
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joining the Theater group.
by Vishnupriya on Mar 25 2018 7:13PM  (IST)

Hai.. this is Vishnupriya am very much intresed in joining this theatre group. please let me give an audition n make my path towards acting and performance.Hoping il'l get a chance. :)
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Acting Audition
by rohan irani on Feb 27 2018 10:52AM  (IST)

Hi sir/maam,

I am 22 years old and looking for theatre auditions across Mumbai. I would love to be a part of your esteemed organisation and happily audition for any role. I don't mind pursuing any back end job as well. Prior to this i have 2 years of street play acting experience.

Best regards,
Rohan Irani.
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by Amit Kumar on Dec 31 2017 5:34PM  (IST)

Sir I wanna join your theater group will you suggest me the process to admit in your theater school.

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Contact us for details
by Karma Kala Manch on Jan 2 2018 3:42PM  (IST)

Please call on 8356871937

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Want to join
by Deepak Kumar  on Nov 7 2017 1:55AM  (IST)

Dear Sir , I am a professional yoga , martial art and gym instructor and have been teaching in Mumbai since 2006 . I give spiritual discourses on Vedic literatures . My age is above 40 . 10 years before I was involved in different theatre groups and doing stage programs . Now I want to start my acting career again . I am a very sincere and dedicated person . I hope together we can do something big in our life . Thanks .
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Contact us for details
by Karma Kala Manch on Dec 29 2017 3:58PM  (IST)

Hello everyone,

Those who have shown interest in getting associated with our group can contact us on 8356871937 for the details.

- Karma Kala Manch

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Hello Sir,
I am a beginner and I wanted to be a part of your theatre group to get experience of onstage drama.I have done some plays in college and would love to be a part of Karma Kala Manch team.I am ready to work onstage as well as backstage and can audition at any given time.
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Contact us for details
by Karma Kala Manch on Dec 29 2017 3:59PM  (IST)

You can contact us on 8356871937

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Interested in acting
by Rahul Modanval on Jul 25 2017 12:47PM  (IST)

Hi I am an aspirant actor ... I have acted in a movie... I would like u to give me a chance to show my talent ... I am a mimicry artist too... I hv done many stage shows.. I can do voice over too... I mimic more than 40 voices .. Just wandering for a break through...
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