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Production of Social Space.
by Siddhartha Bandyopadhyay on Feb 28 2020 7:14PM  (IST)

Hi, Perhaps we all do realize that we Indians are terribly insensitive to children's basic rights, least bother about degraded environment, crooked Politics, mass corruption, gruesome Public workplace. The common conscience of most of us in the entire sub-continent is influenced by Culture of Poverty (Oscar Lewis), irrespective of religion or gender, dwell in pavement or apartment. As having no clear idea about the exact source, do nurture 'it' right inside our own home. The usual practice of parenting by own procreation only (animal instinct/mean consumerism, a crime indeed), deliberately deny the basic rights of a caring and dignified living to all our children, compel them to survive within a society where quality Space is almost nil. If we are to start trying to eradicate it and install true love(values), modernity in our mindset require a few lifestyle modifications - refrain from the pleasure/comfort of producing any child by any means till the society improves. Instead adopt or sponsor child born out of extreme poverty around us to arrest the hopelessness syndrome, corruption inheritance. An unprejudiced participation is a necessity to initiate movement Production of Space (Henri Lefebvre), decent & capable politics will certainly be visible. 9051147375.
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