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Review -Ek Haa
by Pratik Golwala on Sep 14 2019 11:27PM  (IST)

The cast were excellent but some how the theme of the play is very much complicated. It is very difficult to understand and allow audience to sub part of play.
Last climax was good but they can even better present.
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Ek haan play
by Shobha  on Aug 18 2019 8:49AM  (IST)

Suchitra is brilliant in this play. So is shekhar sumAn. Must watch everyone.
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EK Haan - Relentelssly interrogative
by Kishor Dagia on Aug 16 2019 2:41PM  (IST)

Brilliantly performed, EK HAAN is a defining play. The Panache team, led by Randhir Ranjan Roy, re-examines Manto and his emotions through his monologue and key elements of his stories – TobaTekSingh, Kaali Salwar, Thanda Ghost. The play hits you hard in the first half hour and then changes course to offer you comic relief in the next half hour and finally adds an amazing twist in the climax to Manto’s love outburst for Wazira Begu, whom he met in Kashmir.
There have been numerous plays on Manto but this one attempts to step out and make it appealing to the mass audience. This is where I believe Shekhar Suman added his own fresh, creative interpretaions to the various roles he enacts. Acting by Shekhar Suman is universally credible and splendid, and he pulls out all stops to engage with you. As TobaTekSingh he makes you cry, as Shankar he makes you laugh and as Wazira’s Manto reaches out to pierce your heart with his sensitivity.
Suchitra Krishnamurthy adds a freshness to her characters and especially towards the second half, stands up scene by scene to the challenge Shekhar throws up.
The production quality that I have come to associate with Panache media – be it the sets, or the background scores and the subtle lighting changes – all come together to enhance the mood and atmosphere. Lighting can make or mar a scene and here it takes you back into the time when Manto breathed life.Overall production almost flawless (almost if only the watch Shekhar wears was toned out).

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Ek haan
by Suresh Seth on Aug 15 2019 9:54PM  (IST)

Strong performances & content by Shekar & Suchitra.Excellent sets.Super ambience of the Royal Opera House
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