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Political promotion of bjp
by Harshdeep Shah on Mar 24 2024 7:36PM  (IST)

Misogynistic thinking permeates Gujju society deeply. Don't be offended by his jokes if you wish to go. Women are somewhat objectified and ridiculed, and ironically, women often laugh more at such things.So, after some thought, it seems to me that India remains where it is because a large community of people have stayed orthodox. The acting and performance are brilliant. The social message is somewhat controversial, suggesting that a bit of infidelity is fine to keep the spice in life!

More of promoting BJP....someone should put in defamation the way he makes fund of opposition
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Flop drama
by Dharmesh on May 7 2023 6:01PM  (IST)

Waste of time, money, energy, happiness, and expectations. Same thing, "Eni maane.. Eni maane" Vulgar and third class gags. Left the drama in the first hour itself. Don't waste your money and time in it.
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by Sajjad Hemani on Mar 5 2022 1:08PM  (IST)

Unable to purchase tickets online for Sunday 9 pm show
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Bluff master gujjubhai review
by Kalpesh Gala on Mar 13 2021 10:59PM  (IST)

Same old monotonous dialogues, comedy and story... Rather there is no story...
Many jokes are from whats app and many are repeated from old plays
Something new is expected from Sidhharth Ji now
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