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Inquiry regarding registration process
by Aditi raaj on May 11 2023 1:47PM  (IST)

I want to join your theatre group. Kindly let me know the process. Looking forward for your mentorship

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by Dharma sahu on Jul 20 2022 12:53AM  (IST)

Acting sikna he mujhe sir plz help me
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child age 13 yrs interested in drama
by Tanvi Parte on Feb 15 2021 2:38PM  (IST)

Please let us know when the workshop for children is conducted for above age group
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Theatre मधे प्रवेश मिविण्यासाठी.
by Deva Shamarao Tonde on Dec 26 2020 12:05PM  (IST)

मला थिएटर चा आनुभव घ्यायचा आहे, आणि मला थिएटर मधे तुमच्या सामील करा
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Intrested to join theater.
by Manasi Shedge on Nov 1 2020 11:07AM  (IST)

I dnt know anything about acting but I would love to learn and persue passionatly in acting.
Can you help me?
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Join Theatre Group
by Krishna Patil on Jun 11 2020 6:30PM  (IST)


I want to join your theatre group. Please share your detail.
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Interested in Theatre
by Anirban Chakraborty on May 11 2020 12:21PM  (IST)

Dear Sir / Ma'am,

Hope you all are safe during this tough time.

Interested in joining your workshops. Please let me know the process.

Anirban Chakraborty
Contact - 9748307769
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A request
by Suyash Shirke on Jan 22 2020 3:35AM  (IST)

I would like to join the theatre group to learn the depths of acting
Please contact me on this number
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Information on joining ur group
by Shanindra Kembhavi on Jan 12 2020 12:55PM  (IST)

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Manorang centres in mumbai
by Tvisha Gupta on Nov 10 2019 9:04PM  (IST)

Need to know if u have any other centres in mumbai apart from Thane.
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