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Cast : Hrishikesh Joshi. Priyadarshan. Krushna Rajshekhar. Mayura Ranade.

Sahil is very excited about the dinner party, he has arranged for his closest friends Varun and Rujuta. Sameera, Sahil's wife, storms into the house and demands to cancel the party as she has witnessed Varun in an unpardonable situation. Sahil tries to convince her in all possible manners but she is adamant. He succubus to her will but just then the couple arrives at their doorstep. This triggers the cat and mouse game. Sahil is all over the place to restrain Sameera from mentioning what she has witnessed. He achieves success but gets strangled himself in the endeavor. The genuine attempt to justify his best friend sparks genuine doubt about Sahil's own morality and character from Sameera's perspective. The references began to unravel the unexpected facts. Introspecting the value of friendship, love, truth, and bluff in a relationship, where would Sahil and Sameera land is the laugh ride called Chhupe Rustam.

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