An Actor's Voice

From : 11/06/2021 To : 11/06/2021
Start time : 10:00 AM End time : 12:00 PM

Faculty : Alok Chaturvedi
Venue : Watch On Zoom
An Actor's Voice

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A well-trained voice is not only an effective instrument used by a professional actor but also one of the strongest tools of communication. The foundation of all voice work is relaxation and breathing. This workshop on Voice will teach budding Actors on how to breathe correctly with no obstructions and also help understand various related concepts like Resonance, Pitch, Rhythm, etc. and their applicability.

Session Details:

Understand your voice: How it sounds and how it delivers!
Get introduced to some basic breathing exercises as breath is the carrier of voice.
What are the factors of voice modulations? Understand and explore these factors.
Learn the usage of Voice Resonators and their effect (theoretically and practical demos)
Learn the usage of Volume, Pitch, Tone, Rhythm (pattern) and its impact on Emotions.
Identify the muscles involved (facial muscles, jaws, lips, tongue) and introducing a basic workout for these muscles.
Learn its applicability on effective dialogue delivery.

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