Film/Theatre Performance Based Workshop

From : 22/06/2019 To : 14/07/2019
Start time : 7:00 PM End time : 9:30 PM

Theatre Group : Umang Mumbai
Faculty : Mr. Dinesh Shetty
Venue : Aalochana Prasthan, 2nd Floor B.M.C. Welfare Bldg,
Lt. Dilip Gupte Road, Near Goa Portuguese Hotel
Mahim, Mumbai - 400016, Maharashtra, India

Workshop details :
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Aim of the workshops:-

- The aim of the workshops is to create awareness amongst theatre and film enthusiasts and to induce sincerity, and the seriousness required for good acting. It also aims at challenging the erroneous and shallow traditions that have started to shape the art of acting. The training consists of practical games, exercises for the development of both the body and the mind; essential tools of any actor.

- The exercises are designed to tone the body according to the law of nature and not just to build muscles. The training aims in removing the physical and mental blocks which hamper an Actorís art. The participants are made aware of the analytic and creative process involved in acting and exposed to the method of working which could help them undertake an artistís endeavors with confidence.

- In this workshop students will be enhanced with Acting skills, Personality Development, Improvisation, Body movement, Focus, Imagination, Observation, Concentration, Drama, Theatre Geography, Theatre History, Characterization, Voice Modulation, Language & Speech Skills.

- On completion of workshop, students are given a chance to implement their skills which they have learnt during the course. An in-house performance will be organized at the end of the workshop.

- At the end of the workshop students improvise a play which is directed by Dinesh Shetty.

- Special Session will be conducted by Senior Actress "Rohini Hattangadi".

Weekend Workshop will be starting from 23rd June, 2019.
Total Sessions 21
Every Sunday 10am to 6pm (3 sessions per day)
Performance Date 4th August 2019.

Theatre Workshop Fees : Call For Fees.

Important Note : Mumbai Theatre Guide takes no responsibility for outcome of theatre workshops. Interested participants may attend them at their own discretion.

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