Free Acting Workshop

From : 21/07/2019 To : 21/07/2019
Start time : 2:00 PM End time : 5:00 PM

Venue : D1, Society No. 13, S. V. P. NAGAR, Mahada, Fourbunglow,
D1,Society No. 13, S. V. P. NAGAR, Mahada, Fourbunglow, Andheri West
Mumbai - 400053, Maharashtra, India

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अभिनय - एक साधना
(Free Acting Workshop on 21st July)

Usodeum Performing Arts, Active in the field of Theatre since last 12 years.
" USOPA " continuously putting efforts to minimize the gap between an 'ACTOR and ACTING'.
"USOPA" termed this journey as ABHINAY - EK SADHNA and this is mainly innovated to build the Base of Robust-Acting!!!!

This includes:
#Body Toning
#Voice Toning
#Psychological Waves
#Inner Forces
#Body Transformation

We don't Act, WE LIVE

-Personality from BNA(Lucknow), HSSS(mandi)
Satyamev Jayate( John Abraham and Manoj bajpayee starrer)and lead role in upcoming movie "Dhul".

MANOJ SINGH is totally dedicated towards Pure Acting and creating a noise so that Actors avoid the misconceptions between Camera-Acting and Theatre-Acting wherein the motive should always be in the understanding of the term "ACTING" and must to get into the depth of ”Abhinay-Ek Sadhna”.

So to join the workshop get your self registered!!!

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