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Sirrr... Bahot Sarif Sa Lagta H . Call Me Don
by Devin Yuvraaz on May 31 2016 7:44AM  (IST)

koi is theatre m h bhai...garib ka madad kar do koi job dila do acting ho ya parda up down ka koi bhi chaleaga...
bhagwan apko salamat rakhe aur apko utha le matbal apko tarrki de.....
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want join theater
by shivaratnam  on May 26 2016 4:30PM  (IST)

hello sir,

I want to join your group to expoler myself in acting.

thank you.
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Want to join your griup
by Vinod Somal on May 17 2016 9:23PM  (IST)

I want to join your group. I have experience in acting

Please advise

Vinod somal
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Want to work as volunteer and learn acting
by Kshipra Kutumbe on Apr 28 2016 2:01PM  (IST)

Hello, I am Kshipra Kutumbe.I am fascinated by watching the amazing acting of various actors and have interest in acting but haven't acted herebefore. I want to learn about acting and want to be a part of a theater group. Please let me know if there's any scope for me. Waiting for your kind reply.
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Join theatre
by Gaurav Kamble  on Apr 3 2016 8:31PM  (IST)

Hello sir/madam

I want to be the part of your theatre where i can explore my acting skills and become a good actor.
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TO join theatre workshop
by Inderpal singh bajwa on Apr 21 2016 4:25PM  (IST)

hi gaurav bantai....kaisa hain

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join your group
by Sharik on Apr 2 2016 11:18AM  (IST)

wanna join your group
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join to your group
by anuj sidharth on Mar 28 2016 4:57PM  (IST)

Hi i am interested in theatre let me tell u how can i join yr group.
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interested in natak
by sonali on Mar 23 2016 1:04PM  (IST)

interested to work with you
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Interested in joining your theatre group
by Manish Ruparel  on Mar 21 2016 2:23AM  (IST)

I have experience in acting and I wish to join your theatre group to fulfil my dream of becoming a stage actor.
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To join theatre group
by Sukanya on Mar 13 2016 9:12PM  (IST)

I am an entertainer and keen to learn more about my love I.e ACTING in dramatic and realistic way..and can feel various life in one life.thank you!

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