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Thoughts on Antigone 2.0
by Huzefa Jawadwala on Jan 16 2017 10:56AM  (IST)

I happened to catch the play roughly 6 months before i am writing this and unfortunately, it still hasn't moved me.

I am totally on-board with the fact that the young actors are making a sincere effort but the fact is that they were not able to emote with clarity and this led to gross exaggeration and at times just hysterics which were jarring. The live music was out of sync and at times broke the flow of the scene.

I felt that the themes of Antigone are simple and uncluttered, to realise an honest modern adaptation requires a deeper investigation into these rather than simply replacing the chorus with social media.

I am a huge fan of Greek theatre and was tremendously excited to watch this production, however i walked away from it sorely disappointed.

I realise that this is a product of a theatre workshop for young actors, and it gives them a great platform to learn their chops. I wish that the show was marketed as such and not as a proper full-scale production.

Lastly, I would like to thank the performers and the directors behind the show for taking up a classical piece of literature and bringing it to life for us to discuss and enjoy.
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