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laughter in the house star.Bomi dotiwalla.
by moti irani on Feb 21 2017 12:46PM  (IST)

in spite of loosing his wife just 48 hours prier the performance.,Bomi acted his part without a flaw.He even sang Marri Tamina in honor of his beloved Dolly,the audience was moved to tears but Bomi kept calm and continued his act.Bravo Bomi Bravo,you taught us a lot with your dedication to the stage.A true grandfather of theater.Raj Kapoor in Mera Nam Joker was alive in u.Jeena yaha,Marna Yaha----.R.I.P.Dolly you did her proud.
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by lear cardoz on Sep 4 2015 5:44PM  (IST)

I would like to see the old parsi comedy shows as broadcasted on All India radio Bombay'Is there any way I could hear or
watch those shows on the net.
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