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by Gautam Khurana on Aug 28 2016 9:24PM  (IST)

After reading the (negative) reviews posted above, I had half a mind to skip the show. I am so glad I didn't. Selfie was funny and has some very good performances. I would definitely recommend it!
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by Rudolph Furtado on Aug 16 2016 3:06PM  (IST)

"SELFIE" :- On India Independence day saw this womancentric play at the "Nehru Auditorium" in Mumbai. The play "SELFIE directed by Tanaaz.Irani and having a cast of 5 lady actors portrays the anguish,guilt,aspirations of the wealthy and middle class city bred Indian woman.5 women accidentally meet in a remote train stations "Women's Waiting room" and as usual get into a conversation prying into each other's lives and lifestyle.I have seen another popular womancentric play called the "VAGINA MONOLOGUES" and should say that this play also boldly projected the fantasies and anguishes of a woman's perspective of life and living.The subject of "LESBIANISM" was also a shock in this play where homosexuality is normally always associated with males in Indian society.Finally all is well that end's well and all the 5 women exorcise their personal ghosts through discussion and advice from each other. As a male i found this play a Psychoanalysts study in deciphering female thinking and the female mind.
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Selfie play
by Sukruti  on Aug 8 2016 3:34PM  (IST)

Is Selfie play a copy of Gujrati play Waiting room ?
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by Hemang Parekh on Jul 17 2016 5:54PM  (IST)

the review is very very average. the story line does not match the title of the play. too may things and no connection. considering the actors and the name i assumed it to be humurous. but it was no where cloe nor the message it was trying to convey made any sense. i would say avoid it,.
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Apt review
by Rohan Thacker on May 29 2016 10:40PM  (IST)

The review is an apt reflection of the play's successes and shortcomings. Too many cliched subjects handled all at once. Performances too were average
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