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Play growing up
by Renuka on Jun 21 2017 5:33AM  (IST)

Hi I live in Singapore wud like to bring the play here Pls get back to me
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GROWING UP in Singapore
by ANJU KISHINCHANDANI on Jun 24 2017 11:15PM  (IST)

Hi Renuka. Thank you for showing an interest in our Play Growing up. We would love to come to Singapore with it. Please connect with us on our email.

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GROWING UP in Singapore
by ANJU KISHINCHANDANI on Jun 24 2017 11:16PM  (IST)

Our Contact nmbr - 9819457204

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Shows in mumbai
by Dr Meet a Gupta on Jun 17 2017 7:07AM  (IST)

Would like to know when and where is the next show
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Next Show of Growing up
by ANJU KISHINCHANDANI on Jun 24 2017 11:18PM  (IST)

Hello and thank you for expressing an interest in our Play. Please do follow our 'Growing up'page on facebook for updates on future shows. Hope to see you at our next one.

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Details for a show_Oberoi International School
by Hemal Panchal on May 9 2017 1:12PM  (IST)

Can I get the contact number of the person in charge of the bookings. We are looking forward to showing this play to the Grade 5 students of Oberoi International School.
Waiting for your reply asap.
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Growing up in OIS
by ANJU KISHINCHANDANI on Jun 24 2017 11:20PM  (IST)

Hello. Thank you for touching base with us. Hoping that we can work out mutually suitable dates to perform in your school. Please call us on 9819457204

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