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गोष्ट तशी गमतीची
by गिरीश सावंत  on Dec 25 2017 7:46PM  (IST)

उत्तम नाटक, तिघांची कामे मस्त, कुटुंबांनी एकत्र पाहण्याचे नाटक आहे. अधिकाधिक प्रयोग होवो ही सदिच्छा. नाटकाला शुभेच्छा.
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Review - Goshta Tashi Gamtichi
by Chinmay Joshi on Oct 31 2017 12:44PM  (IST)

Standing of play is just above average though best actors have performed in it. I think too much of jokes have actually spoiled humorous effect.Standard of jokes is acceptable. The basic idea behind the script is really good but the very effort to keep mood light and convey serious issue of troglodyte attitude, generation gap has not attained the expected success, some incidences are unnecessarily exaggerated. At times, both Mangesh Kadam
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Comments on Goshta Tashi Gamatichi..
by T. K. Narute on Aug 20 2017 8:21PM  (IST)

Good play. Every family must watch to see the role of Leena
Bhagwat as a housewife who tackle her husband and son and maintain balanced family atmosphere. It is entertaining and mind blowing.
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Ghost Tashi Gamtichi - Play once agin schedule
by shekhar salunkhe on Apr 21 2017 4:56PM  (IST)

can it is possible once again Scheduling pay of Ghost Tashi Gamtichi .
This Play will be watch for Mangesh Kadam & Shashank Ketkar very great debates dialoge

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gosht tashi ch
by yogesh on Jan 27 2017 5:54PM  (IST)

am very excited to to vit the play on 28 jan at yashwant.

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by Deepali mahajan on May 27 2016 10:05PM  (IST)

A must watch loved the way everyone has act very well written full justice by actors to the play ...keep up the good work 👌🏻👍🏻
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by Dinesh Bhalerao on May 15 2016 6:21PM  (IST)

The play is very entertaining. The humor is mind blowing. The actors effortlessly portrayed their respective roles. The concept is very touching and put forth very nicely.
A must see for those looking for light comedy. Leena Bhagwat in mother's role is memorable.
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sorry to disappoint you
by pranita ferreira on Apr 18 2016 11:01PM  (IST)

Mr shashant I am very disappointed as my 4 1/2 yrs baby wanted to meet you n shake hands but you ignore it when you perform your play at vasai your acting was good even leenaji n mr kadam were good
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i like
by shefali on Feb 25 2016 10:28AM  (IST)

age 24, hight 5.4 fresher
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by Rupali Pednekar on Dec 4 2015 12:45PM  (IST)

Play was very nice. Very much touching story.
I liked play very much. Wish you all the best in future to play such kind of play. Thank you so much.
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