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The Father show in Mumbai
by Kedar on Dec 24 2017 8:03PM  (IST)

May i know when there will be show of 'The Father' in mumbai. No 8097243328
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Show of the play in Pune
by Ramesh Eknath Kulkarni on Dec 24 2017 10:15AM  (IST)

Any shows planned in Pune in near future ? Show availability in Hindi?
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Play timings
by Aabha Awere on Dec 24 2017 8:38AM  (IST)

I would like to know when the play is scheduled next and would also like to have two tickets for the same at Prithvi Theatre.
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by Ms Ulka on Dec 22 2017 3:17PM  (IST)

I would like to know when this ply FATHER will be shown at Pune. I m from Mumbai n for some reason staying at Pune n sad thing we don't get to see these good plays. Plzzz
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Plays at Prithvi.
by Sudhir Jain on Dec 7 2017 2:19PM  (IST)

I would love to see the play Father, but not at Prithvi because, for some unfathomable reason, they do not believe in allotting seat numbers and you have to line up outside and scramble for good seats. Even if you have booked well in advance, you may end up seeing the backs of the actors. Very, very unfair.
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by Rajan Ghai on Nov 29 2017 10:45PM  (IST)

Hi need two tickets for 30th Nov. Pls advise. Tel. 089800128836160
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Ticket rates
by Michelle on Sep 25 2017 10:58AM  (IST)


Please let me know about the ticket rates for the play 'The Father'.
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