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We want 4 tickets for YUGPURUSH ON SUNDAY 2ND APRIL @10;00 A.M.
by JAYANT R SAVLA on Mar 26 2017 9:42PM  (IST)

Hi,I want to get 4 tickets for the YUGPURUSH
ON SUNDAY April 2nd @ 10:00 am @ Aspee auditorium in Malad.Please call me @9820822421 when it's available.Thanks
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Mahatma na Mahtama
by Nalin Kothari on Mar 4 2017 2:39PM  (IST)

It will be great if the play can be staged in Nairobi and Mombasa. There are many Gujarati speaking Jains in both the cities. Hindi also will be fine.
I should be grateful for a positive response.
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For acting
by Islam ansari on Feb 20 2017 10:43PM  (IST)

I want to learn acting hindi marathi all
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Tickets can be got at Yugpurush dot org
by Yugpurush on Dec 26 2016 11:34PM  (IST)

Please visit www dot yugpurush dot org for tickets and availability.

This show is truly incredible and has caught Mumbai by storm. Watch it before it leaves the city.
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Booking for 27/12/16
by Jayshree b doshi on Dec 24 2016 11:18PM  (IST)

We want 4 tickets for above date in bhaidas theator
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