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acting skill
by Wilson Sirohi on Feb 18 2023 6:18PM  (IST)

I want to join i live in Mahada Mumbai and i want to work on my skills to perform better in auditions or on sets
wilson sirohi
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weekend course
by nikhil thakkar on Jan 20 2023 6:01PM  (IST)

I am Nikhil Thakkar From mulund mumbai maharashtra. I want to know if you have weekend courses on saturday and sundays?

Please let me know

Nikhil Thakkar
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Looking for an the Experimental Theatre Workshop
by Aditya on Jan 5 2022 10:28AM  (IST)

Hi , I would like to participate in a experimental theatre workshop or an improv act play workshop.
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by Janmejai tomar on Jan 24 2021 1:05PM  (IST)

i live in dadar(mumbai) i want to learn acting please guide me
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join a theater group
by tejas kamdi on Dec 31 2020 11:50PM  (IST)

join a theater group
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by Naksh on Oct 22 2019 3:58PM  (IST)

Plz guide me
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want to work as a scenic/set designer
by madhurima powale on Jun 11 2019 2:32PM  (IST)

hello sir,
i am a student aiming to work as a scenic/ set designer for stage plays.. i have college level experience of creative team .. looking forward to learn more.

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Join group
by Bhavesh on Mar 9 2019 3:22PM  (IST)

I am an actor, I want to join five senses group.
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To join theatre
by Dilip kumar on Oct 19 2018 1:28PM  (IST)

How can i join this group
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Join group
by Aliva Sahu on Jul 31 2018 1:21AM  (IST)

Hii m aliva Hello Sir,
I am 17 years old and want to try out for a theatre group.I have done some plays in college and want to be a part of a real onstage theatre group.I like to give audition for any role I wnt improve my skills more.plzz give me a chance it will be a big opportunity for me to join ur group. Thank u
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