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Review of 38 krushna villa
by SSharma on Jul 15 2023 6:59PM  (IST)

The play is too Long winded. It sounds like a radio play which could have been done in 45 mins. Dr Girish Oak has been wasted. The end falls flat after raising expectations until the interval.
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Theater Drama
by Parek on Apr 19 2023 5:52PM  (IST)

Kindly send Gujarati Hindi theater drama or kavi sammelan orchestra detail in my Gmail account
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38 Kurshna Villa - Simply Marvellous Writing and Presentation
by Rajkiran on Dec 8 2022 10:44AM  (IST)

No words to express for this beautiful presentation around a serious topic of "Anxiety". Great writing by Dr. Shweta Pendse and Spellbinding presentation and dialogue delivery by Dr. Girish Oak and Dr. Shweta Pendse. I think I must commend the beautiful exchange of dialogues between the two characters Nandini Chitre and Devdutta Kamat played by the actors for 2 hours continuously. I specially liked the part where both the actors made the character of Mohan Chitre’s (Nandini’s Husband) presence felt on the stage with their narration of past incidences and interaction with him. It was simply great. I could imagine Mohan on the stage without he being there. Hats off to Mr. Vijay Kenkre for his direction who got best out of both the actors. Its a must watch play for the viewers who love theater and interested in watching serious acting and great work.
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