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by Sikander Singh on Feb 17 2019 10:43PM  (IST)

I have been practicing a technique of acting from a very long time. I work with my friend. The practice we do is just limited to practice only. I have been devoted to these practices,for it was my idea. Now lately I have realized that me practicing without working is like net practicing only without playing real cricket matches on the ground. The concern that I have is the technique. The liking of mine towards my technique is like my second instinct. I want to join a theater group without sacrificing my technique. I need a meeting with an experienced person to share my vision. I need some guidance and a platform to collaborate and work. please email me to meet.
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Join group
by Aliva Sahu on Jul 31 2018 1:07AM  (IST)

Hi sir/maam,

I am 17 years old and looking for theatre auditions across Mumbai. I would love to be a part of your esteemed organisation and happily audition for any role. I don't mind pursuing any back end job as well.I wnt to improve my skills more. Mostly I did acting in school and clg skits. Plz give me chance.

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by Anirudh Balkrishna on Jul 29 2018 12:08PM  (IST)

My name is Anirudh Balkrishna and I am a published writer on MidDay's website and for Hindustan Times. I also write fiction. My short stories have been published in a magazine. I have recently written a play and am hoping for it to be produced. It is a seven (7) act play with eight (8) characters. Hope to hear from you soon.
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Request to join your community
by Pushkar Vartak on Jul 5 2018 8:01PM  (IST)

Dear Sir,

I am a theater actor interested in being a part of your community. I have acted in a few plays and have done back stage work.

Please share your website and contact details. I would like to learn more about theater group.

Kind Regards,
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Interested in Performance/Production/Direction
by Brahadeeshwar Chandilya on Apr 23 2018 12:42PM  (IST)

Hi, I'm looking to work on a production, as a performer, handling production or with a director. I've done a bit of theatre in Chennai, for 3-4 years, and worked with multiple theatre groups on different productions in the aforementioned capacities.Do let me know, if there are any opportunities to work with the team at Zero Theatre.
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I want to join your Theatre group
by Shubham  on Apr 5 2018 6:34PM  (IST)

I am interested in drama and theatre.
I want to join your Theatre group
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Acting workshop
by Sagar  on Mar 9 2018 4:00AM  (IST)

Hi Team I am interested in the course please let me know more details about the same
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Acting Audition
by rohan irani on Feb 27 2018 10:54AM  (IST)

Hi sir/maam,

I am 22 years old and looking for theatre auditions across Mumbai. I would love to be a part of your esteemed organisation and happily audition for any role. I don't mind pursuing any back end job as well. Prior to this i have 2 years of street play acting experience.

Best regards,
Rohan Irani.
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by Rohan on Nov 13 2017 10:35PM  (IST)

Dear Sir/Madam,
I would like to write for your group if given the opportunity. Kindly reply with your email address so I can send you some of my conceptual sketches.
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interested in joining theater
by Mahafrin on Jun 28 2017 2:53PM  (IST)

I am an ameteur actor who has acted in plays in school and college. I am currently 31 years. I am currently not working and hence want to channelise my energy in my talents.Want to join a theater group to realise and recognize my talent. I also have the ability to dance and sing. Thus, musicals suit me well.
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