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i want work in theauter
by Ramprakash Singh on Aug 21 2016 2:02PM  (IST)

I'm fresher I don't have work experience but I will prove opportunity once comes please
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I'm Rohan- dying to learn
by Rohan Ramchandani  on Aug 5 2016 1:12AM  (IST)

Hi sir/ Rohan from chembur.
I'm doing my first year engineering at Bandra.
I want to join your Theatre group to learn and develop my acting skills.pls help
Contact: 8433821388
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looking forward to join theater
by paras on Jul 25 2016 6:06PM  (IST)

looking forward to join theater
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Want to join your group
by Vinod Somal on May 17 2016 9:32PM  (IST)

I want to join your group. I have experience in acting

Pleas advise
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I want to join your group
by Kshipra Kutumbe on Apr 28 2016 1:57PM  (IST)

Hello, I am Kshipra Kutumbe.I am fascinated by watching the amazing acting of various actors and have interest in acting but haven't acted herebefore. I want to learn about acting and want to be a part of a theater group. Please let me know if there's any scope for me. Waiting for your kind reply.
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i wish to learn and work with you
by Aniket Salvi on Mar 31 2016 10:12PM  (IST)

Hi,I'm very passionate towards drama and working religiously in this direction. I'm short on knowledge and experience but confident and a quick learner.please advice how can I approach your group.
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Interested in joining your group
by Manish Ruparel  on Mar 21 2016 2:21AM  (IST)

I have experience in acting and I wish to join your theatre group to fulfil my dream of becoming a stage actor.
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by Avinash kamal narang on Mar 18 2016 5:15PM  (IST)

Hi this is Avinash Narang . I don't have any past experience in this field but i feel this is the only thing i want to do . I would love to learn experience and gain some skills from u guys . I'm interested in acting . But i would love to just start up as in anything is fine because i love this thing just the thought of theatre and doing something on stage , even though i have stage fear. I would love to entertain people .
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I want to meet you
by Sk md asif on Feb 27 2016 12:17PM  (IST)

I want to join ur theatre group
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