Chetanya Adib
Chaitanya Adib, who has been gaining popularity with tele serials like Ballika Vadhu & Saat Phere will be seen in upcoming Hindi comedy play BAAT BAAT MEIN BIGDEY HAALAT. Chaitanya has done theatre in Jaipur but his first stint in front of the camera was with 'Yuddh', followed by the tele serial 'Kunti' and others. Apart from Acting, Chaitanya has also made a name for himself as a dubbing and a voice over artiste. He has lent his voice for many popular channels like Discovery, Hollywood actors, and to Spiderman's best friend Harry in the latest Hindi version of 'Spiderman 3.'

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CHETANYA ADIBTell us about your previous theatre experience.
I have been doing theatre since 1997. I have done three plays to date. BAAP RE BAAP, directed by Tanveer Khan, LOOT directed by Imtiaz Khan and now BAAT BAAT MEIN BIGDEY HAALAT.

How was the experience of working with a veteran actor like Rakesh Bedi?
It is good to have an experienced actor like Rakesh Bedi in our play. He enhances the production value with his timing and energy. Also he motivates other actors to do well in their respective parts. He is quite humble, which makes him a comfortable actor to work with.

Were you able to take to the stage easily? How different is it from Television?
Let me tell you it is never easy to take to the stage! No matter how much theatre you have done, you always get butterflies in your stomach before every performance. And somehow I do feel it is good to experience that nervous energy. It only helps your performance.

Working in television is like working in bits and parts that eventually come together. Whereas on stage you have to perform full throttle from the word go till the curtain drops. In TV, your performance depends a lot on technical aspects like camera angles, lights, editing, etc. Whereas on stage it is only the actor who can make the performance work for the audience.

What's the best thing you like about the character you play?
I play a business executive who despite being married to a lovely wife is having a fling with a sexy belly dancer. He tries to woo her in ways which are really weird. In his attempts to please his girlfriend he gets trapped in bizarre situations. He is miserably caught between his wife and his girlfriend.

My character is completely different from the one that I am playing in my TV show 'Ballika Vadhu.' And I am thoroughly enjoying playing it as it is a very funny and a challenging role. You get to see two diagonally opposite sides of the same person. One thing I personally like about my stage character Edwin is the way he flirts with his got to see it to believe it...It is hilarious!

Is this going to be a one-off play for you, or are we seeing more of you on the stage?
This surely is not my first play and neither will be my last. I would love to do more plays if they provide me with challenging roles. As of now I am enjoying doing BAAT BAAT MEIN BIGDEY HAALAT.

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