Theatre Gupshup

Sachin Khedekar Interview with Jahnavi Pal

"Theatre is all about discipline. The fact that we rehearse for over 3 months for a play helps you develop your inner discipline. It's like a singer who does his riyaaz daily." read more...

Theatre Gupshup

Sanjay Goradia Interview with Jahnavi Pal

"I have often thought that how an uneducated person like me can go so far? Its because of my intellect. I remember that when I was going through a lull in my career I did a play called FATEH CHAND NU FULEKU." read more...

Theatre Gupshup

Utkarsh Mazumdar Interview With Jahnavi Pal

"Utkarsh Mazumdar lives theatre and lives for theatre. A director, singer, actor Utkarsh is a veteran on Gujarati, Hindi and English stage." read more...

Theatre Gupshup

Vandana Gupte Interview

"I have been so busy with work that I have had no time to think. I am very energetic and am great with time management. I never feel lethargic and am on a roll 24x7." read more...

Theatre Gupshup

Bharati Achrekar Interview

"My biggest regret and hers as well, was the fact that I didn't become a singer. I was a natural singer and my mother was very keen that I follow her footsteps." read more...

Theatre Gupshup

Manasi Prabhakar Joshi Interview

"I realized that one should be aware of every genre of plays. I also understood that I should not limit myself to only Marathi stage...." read more...

Theatre Gupshup

Rohini Hattangadi Interview

"In a free- wheeling chat the affable Rohini talks of everything from her NSD days to her director husband late Jayadev to some of her best roles and what ails the world of theatre today." read more...

Theatre Gupshup

Meenal Patel Interview

"The feisty, bold, outspoken Meenal Patel is recognized in the world of acting for her challenging work in theatre, television and films. Be it Gujarati, Marathi, Hindi, Bengali or English, Meenal has proven beyond doubt that she is a master of her craft." read more...

Theatre Gupshup

Pravin Solanki

"Fame is like a candle. People will forget me once I am gone. Nobody remembers the dead. Yes, I am a bit of a pessimist but very spiritual. One goes into nothingness." read more...

Theatre Gupshup

Avantika Shankar Interview with Deepa Punjani

"My approach to playwriting has definitely been influenced by my work in lifestyle journalism, and especially by my work in children's theatre..." read more...

Theatre Gupshup

Rakesh Bedi Interview with Deepa Punjani

"One of my fondest memories is when we were almost jailed for a night. I also got to meet the greats like Satyajit Ray, Akira Kurosawa and François Truffaut during my time there." read more...

Theatre Gupshup

Dhwani Vij Interview with Deepa Punjani

"I always wanted to work in Delhi. And make my own theatre group. Mostly out of the desire to create a body of practice that excited me" read more...

Theatre Gupshup

Joy Fernandes Interview with Deepa Punjani

"Children, I believe, are evolved to be better than us. That is the most evident truth of evolution, isn't it? Each generation takes us ahead." read more...

Theatre Gupshup

Vikram Phukan Interview with Deepa Punjani

"Playwright and theatre critic Vikram Phukan is opening his new play THOSE LEFT BEHIND THINGS at The Cuckoo Club in Bandra (W). Here, Vikram talks about the play's sensitive subject, its motivation..." read more...

Theatre Gupshup

Deepika Arwind Interview with Ayushi Shah

"My last show NO REST IN THE KINGDOM has been a culmination of many, many conversations and research. Not only academic research but research on the walk that I lived." read more...

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