Be a Broadway Star

From : 16/05/2022 To : 16/05/2022
Start time : 12:40 PM End time : -

Theatre Group : Raell Padamsee's ACE
Faculty : 
Venue : Watch on Zoom
Be a Broadway Star
RaŽll Padamsee's ACE presents Be a Broadway Star

Specially designed n curated keeping in mind age appropriate content
Here your children will learn

An excerpt from Broadway's award winning Musical taking your child from the Savannah with the musical The Lion King to The Arabian land of mystery & wonder with the musical Aladdin
2. Designing, Creating & executing simple props & costumes for the musical with basic material from home
3. Bringing out the best in characterisation, emotions, expressions of the characters like from Mufasa & Simba to Aladdin & Jasmine
4. Interpreting stage backdrops & sets to find the perfect fit with different scenes
5. A speech & diction section where students will learn & engage in dialogues from the play

Certificate course with a virtual performance in the final session. (requires 70% attendance)

Theatre Workshop Fees : 4800

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