Voice & Speech Workshop for Screen-Acting with Alok Ulfat

From : 17/02/2021 To : 27/02/2021
Start time : 6:30 PM End time : 9:00 PM

Theatre Group : Alok Ulfat Center for Performing Arts
Faculty : Alok Ulfat
Venue : Your computer
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The workshop focuses on science and art of Silence, Breath, Voice, Speech, Script and Auditions. The Screen-acting workshop is designed by Alok Ulfat and will be facilitated by Alok Ulfat (Studied at Emerson College England, Ex-faculty National School of Drama (TIE), New Delhi and Film & Television Institute of India (VF) and Gunjan Sethi (Actor, Teacher, Fine Arts Graduate, working for media for 15 years).

The workshop will enable the participant to discover one’s own authentic voice and develop a complete understanding of speech formation through Avikal unmethods. Alok’s unique psycho-spiritual approach in acting will enable the participant to become fearless and develop Natural Intuitive Artistic abilities.

Alok has designed the workshop from 30 years of his experience of acting, directing, devising performance-productions and training actors in Mumbai and abroad. His team has mastered the process of teaching acting Online. Actors trained by him since the beginning of Online classes have created a dignified place for themselves in the film world.

Whats makes the Workshop-

- Aspiring artists from diverse backgrounds
- Engaging activities and practical tools to strengthen Voice & Speech specifically suited for screen-acting
- The artistic activities encourage Holistic thinking to view life from a broader perspective that includes seeing the unseen, discover hidden patterns and cycles in our natural and man-made world
- Learning to see images and events beyond the external reality
- Practical tasks and skills to create truthful performances
- Individual observations, feedback to improve, at all times
- Activities will include homework, producing videos and practice for the auditions

What you may Accomplish-

- Mastering Stillness

- Listen to the sound of Silence

- Strengthening Breath

- Exploring Voice & Noise

- Expressing Emotions

- Impactful Speech

- Clarity in Diction

- Creative writing

- Storytelling

- Understanding Script

- Truthful Characterisation

These sessions and individual classes have been attended by over 15000 individuals, including Brahmaji, Anand Gandhi, Raj Kumar Rao, Isha Talwar, Harshwardhan Kapoor, Rupesh Tillu, Deepal Doshi, Nishan K. P., Amit Vashisht, Mukul Abhiyankar, Namashi Chakraborty, Sayani Gupta, Vijay Varma, Gauri Agarwal, Sanjay Rao, Shruti Haasan, Lavanya Tripathi, Kubra Sait, Zeeshan Ayyub, Amandeep Sidhu etc.

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