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September 8, 2017 5:00:11 PM IST
MTG editorial

The Prakriti Foundation in collaboration with the Park group of hotels has been staging The Park's New Festival, which celebrates new, emerging and contemporary work in theatre, dance, music, literature and the Arts.

The festival takes place in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata and in Mumbai.

The Mumbai edition of the festival will take place on 12th, 13th and 14th September 2017 at Sitara Studio and at G5A.

The Performances:

TAKE 35 by Anu Menon

TAKE 35 traces the journey of a child actor into adulthood: her minor victories and major defeats...her complexes and complexities... her mutating family life, her escapism, her contradictions, her humour, her reality.

She is every woman. With every woman problems.

Anu Menon plays Baby Anamika, in her second coming, as she faces the arc lights, for one last hurrah.

Perhaps. Maybe. Lets see.

Essays by Roopa In Flux

Roopa In Flux is an ensemble of musical wanderers venturing beyond the established traditions that shaped them. Voice, violin, piano, and percussion band together for a sound unembarrassed of our lives as we live them.

Each essay is a dice-throw, assembling unaccustomed words, techniques, volumes, and habits in the hope of creating new satisfactions, both for us and for you who are listening.

Roopa Mahadevan - Vocal
Guy Mintus - Piano
Anjna Swaminathan - Violin
Rohan Krishnamurthy - Percussion

Five Contemporary Dance Performances

Architect of Self Destruction
Choreographed by Abhilash Ningappa
This performance is about an experience of movement. It's about space and self, in the same space.

Hands and Face Project
Choreographed by Diya Naidu
The artist seeks to explore the question - ''who or what are we afraid of''... In the context of the Indian public space. Her specific line of exploration is class based, in a way that is peculiar to the Indian subcontinent. What happens when we are face to face with the human being that had become a ''type'' or ''category''? The work is a sort of presentation of the artists social experiment. She uses film, so the audience can see for themselves.

Urban Chaos
Choreographed by Parth Bharadwaj
Urban Chaos reflects on the state of disorder or pandemonium that grips our ever-expanding metro centers.

Choreographed by Virieno Christina Zakiesato
The Fight-Flight-Freeze-Friendly Response is a series of instinctive reactions that a person may experience when confronted with an external stress or stimulation, during a survival situation. The artist focuses on the responses of these instinctive reactions through her memory and breath.

Choreographed by Surjit Nongmeikapam (Bonbon)
Folktale is an unconditional love story of the fruit lime and its performers. It does not have any story boundaries but narrates through body movement.

*Mumbai Theatre Guide takes no responsibility for change in schedule.

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