Theatre Gupshup

Sebastien Heins

"The show exists in our world, despite being fantastical and surreal in many moments, so it doesn't shut itself out from issues I often think about. In the show, my thoughts about black celebrity, black incarceration..." read more...

Theatre Gupshup

Akarsh Khurana Interview

"I am driven by good stories, good characters. I like simplicity. I won't pretend to be something I'm not..." read more...

Theatre Gupshup

Juhi Babbar Soni

"Finally people are accepting alternate spaces for performances. There is a welcome change in the society. People are choosing art..." read more...

Theatre Gupshup

Harish Patel

"I am a very hard task master, the no nonsense kind. I demand total focus and professionalism from my team..." read more...

Theatre Gupshup

Mirjam van Djik

"I usually work with a topical subject that fascinates me. Often I search for the humanity within the horror in this world..." read more...

Theatre Gupshup

Asad Lalljee

"We have designed a robust curatorial philosophy. The curatorial vision for The Royal Opera House, Mumbai, is to position it as not just as a spectacular location and venue..." read more...

Theatre Gupshup

Sheeba Chadha

"For me it’s very difficult to nail why I do theatre or love it. It stirs you in another way like nothing else does..." read more...

Theatre Gupshup

Ila Arun - Interview

"See, it's been three years since the festival began but Surnai (my company) has been around for thirty years. Some of us like K.K. Raina, Vijay Kashyap, Anjula Bedi, Ravi Jhankal, have been doing theatre..." read more...

Theatre Gupshup

Mallika Taneja

"I think limiting the piece to its nudity is what they are not getting right. Constantly slapping the word 'brave' and ‘courageous’ while referring to me..." read more...

Theatre Gupshup

Anurupa Roy

"Puppetry has survived for over 3000 years. It has coexisted and crossbred with hundreds of other arts and will continue to do so..." read more...

Theatre Gupshup

Vipul Vilas Mahagaonkar

"I believe in thorough reading sessions before I go on floor. It gives me and my actors time to think, conceive, interpret and to explore..." read more...

Theatre Gupshup

Sneha Desai

"As much as we set out to tell a story that we feel compelled to tell, we cannot, as writers, forget that we are here to entertain an audience..." read more...

Theatre Gupshup

Suruchi Aulakh

"Honestly, most of them do very little. It's you Drama School kids that are going crazy and running around warming up..." read more...

Theatre Gupshup

Geetanjali Kulkarni

"Art I believe needs to become more inclusive because everyone is capable of creating it and enjoying it, regardless of where they come from..." read more...

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