Theatre Gupshup

Sophia Stepf Interview With Deepa Punjani

"I work on a chosen theme, which I find politically relevant and urgent and then I work from and with the performers and their talents. I work with people who have something to say..." read more...

Theatre Gupshup

Geetanjali Kulkarni Interview with Manvi Ranghar

"I always have felt that actors end up thinking a lot about themselves. Theatre tends to make you self immersed..." read more...

Theatre Gupshup

Gabriel Emanuel

"Sudhir Raikar has interviewed Canadian playwright Gabriel Emanuel who returns to the city after EINSTEIN on which he collaborated with Naseeruddin Shah's theatre group Motley..." read more...

Theatre Gupshup

Ramu Ramanathan Interview With Deepa Punjani

"I gushed on stage when I met Raveesh Kumar. I think he thought I am a village idiot." read more...

Theatre Gupshup

Manjari Fadnis

"It's an edge of the seat thriller. The audience will be glued right till the end." read more...

Theatre Gupshup

Chandrakant Kulkarni

"There must be a purpose behind remaking a play other than just whipping up nostalgia. For instance, the Wada trilogy revisits the sociological history of Maharashtra..." read more...

Theatre Gupshup

Sunil Barve Interview

"I earned greater acclaim as a producer within a couple of years as compared to being an actor over three decades." read more...

Theatre Gupshup

Ira Dubey Interview with Manvi Ranghar

"I wanted to break the idea of 'Ira the actor', and really become the character. People know me. I've done a lot of work here..." read more...

Theatre Gupshup

Arundhati Nag Interview

"Having Marathi roots, we were shown a lot of theatre. Behind our house in Delhi we had a maidan. You had the Ramleela there every year and a Sardarji used to play Sita..." read more...

Theatre Gupshup

Malavika Rajkotia

"It's always best to be hopeful. The struggle for empowerment is in itself a liberating exercise..." read more...

Theatre Gupshup

Purva Naresh Interview

"The stories come to you. You go with the story that you respond to in that moment. As a writer there are at least ten stories that are going on in your head..." read more...

Theatre Gupshup

Shaili Sathyu Interview

"We took the decision to bid adieu to Moyna in January this year. So I have had enough time..." read more...

Theatre Gupshup

Bharat Dabholkar

"I did my schooling in a Marathi medium school. I later graduated with Honours in Economics and Sociology/Anthropology..." read more...

Theatre Gupshup

Rajat Kapoor Interview

"I remember watching Mani Kaul's 'Duvidha' with my dad in 1974 when I was 13, which in hindsight, is an unusual thing..." read more...

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This international workshop aims at performance and movement practitioners from all over the world interested in directing and teaching the movement for professional stage.

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