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Glamsham.com portal is an online media entertainment promotions portal. The website (www.glamsham.com) went live on 15th August 1999. Right from the beginning, the focus of our company has been to promote meaningful entertainment and generate business for the industry.

We for instance are the first online media company to use Internet media extensively for the promotion of the different language plays that happen in Mumbai The Internet media itself was a very novel idea for the theatre industry then. We persisted in our aims by letting more and more theatre people become aware about the advantages of making their presence felt online.

The play Dr. Mukta proved to be the icebreaker. After that there was no looking back as we went on to promote plays like Khel, Purush and A Romance For Ruby. All these productions are highly acclaimed and are associated with some of the very well known producers in Mumbai.

in The last few years of business, we already have producers like Mahabanoo Mody-Kotwal, Dinesh Thakur, Nadira Zaheer Babbar, Quasar Thakore Padamsee, Ashvin Gidwani, Rage Productions, Om Katare, Rajat Kapoor to name just a few, associated with us. All these years have thus proved to be very fruitful.

We have been successful in generating an enormous number of business enquiries for sponsored shows for both the domestic as well as the international market. This in turn has encouraged producers to maintain a continuous collaboration with us. The result is that today we have a dedicated website to represent the Mumbai theatre industry globally in the form of www.mumbaitheatreguide.com

However this is not all. It has been our constant and conscious endeavour to promote experimental theatre that may not have the desired packaging but which ultimately is the theatre that is vital for the understanding of our society and our world.

The aims of www.mumbaitheatreguide.com can thus be summed up as follows:

Represent the Mumbai theatre industry in the global market.

Reach the common man with the much-required information about the performances in Mumbai.

Inform the common man about the happenings in the Mumbai theatre industry.

Bridge the gap between the producers and the organizers.

Generate business enquiries for the producers and help the industry grow bigger.

Encourage the promotion of experimental theatre that is avant-garde or thought provoking but which may not necessarily have the backing of publicity and finance.

We also hope to make our site user-friendly for academics, students and the theatre buff by providing interesting articles about the theatre in general.

Our Team:

Chief Advisors: Bhavik Shah & Nitin Sethi

Content Writer, Editor & Developer: Deepa Punjani.

Technical Person In-charge: Parag Gogari.

All content related inquiries, suggestions and contributions should be sent to response@MumbaiTheatreGuide.com

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