Director :  Kiran Pavaskar
Cast :  Kiran Pavaskar


By MTG editorial

SITA English Play

"Within infinite myths, lies an eternal truth." - Sita, Devdutt Patnaik.

In India, Sita is not only a character from Valmiki's epic of Ramayan but it is an ideology that also defines an ideal Indian woman, with a tag of a perfect wife who follows the path of her husband.

But the question did she really follow the path?What was her relationship with Ram? Was she much ahead of her times or grounded with the societal norms?

Endless questions have been raised even today, endless debates, articles, novels, poems, plays and essays have been presented. She had always been controversial character from the Treta yug, she is Sita - the one who was found in a furrow.

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