Writer :  Vinod Sarvaiya
Director :  Vipul Mehta
Cast :  Krutika Desai, Parag Shah, Toral Trivedi, Prarthi Dholakia, Arsh Mehta, Anant Velani, Kejas Mehta, Nayan Trivedi & Nimesh Diliprai


By MTG editorial

A "Googly" is the art of tricking an enemy/opponent into believing that they are winning and then bringing them down with a crushing defeat. This is the story of a relentless mother (Kruttika Desai) and her 10 year old mentally challenged daughter (Toral Trivedi) who are separated by famous mathematician Aniruddh Mehta (Nimesh Diliprai) owing to the child's genius mathematical abilities.

It is the story of how the instinctive mother throws a 'Googly' to bring down the arrogant mathematician and protect her child. Along with the more thrilling scenes, the play also has emotional and humorous moments.

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