Director :  Siddharth Randeria
Cast :  Siddharth Randeria and Jaydeep Shah


Prof. Priyakant is a flamboyant man. His wife Manju is naive but suspicious nevertheless. The professor always manages to pull wool over her eyes. One day she accidentally finds a girl's photo in her husband's book, and her mind goes into overdrive. She confides in an old aunt who tells her to cook up a fake story of an affair. This stumps the professor out of his wits. To get even he invites one of his girl students to stay in his house. Meanwhile Manju's nephew arrives from out of town. Priyakant suspects him to be his wife's lover.

After many hilarious misunderstandings, the student girl and the nephew fall in love. Prof. Priyakant gets over the proverbial seven years' itch and vows not to stray again.

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