Cast :  Zakir Hussain, Sarita Hussain and Vicky Ahuja


By MTG editorial

A Hindi play based on four hilarious stories of the famous Russian author Anton Chekhov.


A man in town uses a husband as the conduit for his attempted seduction of the man's new bride, Irena. He gives an instructional session on seducing women and claims to be ''The greatest seducer of a man's wife of all time''.

Drowned Man

A man earns his living by 'drowning'. The drowned man claims to be in the maritime entertainment business and will drown himself for a small fee.

The Gift

A tale of a very concerned and dedicated father who pushes his shy 19 year old son into manhood by taking him to a brothel, only to relent at the last moment and leave the boy more confused than ever.

Bank Manager

The story features a wild woman with a nervous disorder who tries to extort money from a banker. She comes as a complaining bank customer who claims to faint eight times a day and adds to the woes of the bank manager who is already suffering from unbearable pain.

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