Director :  Niresh Kumar
Cast :  Rakesh Singh, Sagar Sharma, Rahil Bhardwaj, Rana Kamal, Akash Srivastav, Vikas Salgotra, Rahul K. Pathak, Jivesh Brar, Anuj Khurana, Madhumita Barik, Arun Kumar and Khushi Rajpoot


By MTG editorial

KOWN DRINKERS is a comic satire and an emotional journey of individuals in different locals with a self-introspection on themselves. It gives a reality check rather than questioning the life that has become fast and competitive. Where are we? What is our approach towards ourselves and our government? Are we well educated, informed, aware with people talking about their personal lives and connecting it to others and then realizing their own emotional dissection? This might make you laugh but the intention is to start a check on ourselves.

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